The Photo experience, Loïc’s Pitch

October 7, 2018in Press Area

Loïc: “Artisan photographer confirmed and member of the GNPP (National Group of Professionals of Photography). I specialized in portrait photography, self portrait, or as couple or family, in the studio or outside, come as you are and this will be for me the occasion of immortalizing the key moments of your life.

My goal is to give to all your projects of images in the respect of an artistry knowledge. Our photo-studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment for an exceptional of your season.

The photographic experience starts from the first meeting. In preface to this one, we will guide you step to the finest evolution of your session. Then comes the meeting itself. Finally, we will invite you to a viewing session.

All photos are then retouched and shot in our studio for optional quality. All prints are made by us on lagord portfolio baryte 31 Ogr paper and K3 pigment inks that are environmentally friendly”