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March 20, 2020in Marinescence's News

If you are willing to proceed with an online video interview, please contact us by email
at 👉 manager@marinescence.com and we will organize it for you !

Our technology allows you to answer to some questions directly from your phone.No agent is involved during the video interview process, you actually do it by yourself… Our App asks you custom questions, and you have to answer to them.

Let’s get started?

We have some tips that would help you in giving your best at answering video interviews

Be yourself

You might be answering a video interview for the first time, so it is natural to be slightly nervous. You might fumble with your words as you speak or make mistakes when answering. Do not panic over the situation. Admit your mistake and correct it. Your interviewer will appreciate your honesty. There is no need for you to brag about your achievements or talk highly about yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Be yourself.

Do some background research

Have a brief idea about the company and the job role you are applying for. It is always considered to be good on your part because it lets the interviewer know that you have researched about the company and have an idea about what your role would be.

You should be ready to answer any kinds of questions. It will create a good impression on your interviewer. Research about the latest developments taking place, keep yourself updated with the best practices – let the interviewers know about your interest in the job profile.

Be prepared

The last thing that you would wish for during your video interview will be device failure. If you are not sure about the working of the software, check whether you can test it out. Ensure that you charge device’s battery sufficiently. Practice makes man perfect. Have a mini video interview session with your family or a friend. By doing this, you will know where you are lagging behind and which areas need improvement.

Ensure that you set your equipment in a well-lit place. Check the sound and the camera. Adjust the camera according to the convenient height. If your place needs de-cluttering, do it. Have a neat and tidy background. Keep yourself away from any distraction.

For example: set your mobile phone on silent mode, keep your room locked to stay away from kids or pets if any. If you are thinking of taking the interview at some cafe, ensure that you choose a quiet corner.

Be professional

An interview is an interview whether you go to a place to answer it or answer it from your home. Being under-dressed for the same proves nothing but unprofessionalism. Dress for the video interview just as you would dress for a face-to-face one.

If you do not have formal clothes, borrow them from a close friend, but appear professional. Wear a smile on your face throughout the interview session. Speak in a loud and clear tone. Let your expressions and body language speak. Always look into the camera rather than looking at the wall or some other place.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind when answering.

We wish you all the best.