Sous Chef

April 16, 2020in Job Descriptions

Job Overview

We are looking for a Sous Chef for our yacht. Your role is to assist the executive chef and help him bringing the best dishes on the tables. You will also be required to maintain the inventory and make sure the quality and taste of the food is according to customer requirements.This role requires lot of potential and expertise. You should have extraordinary leadership qualities to manage junior staff. You also may be required to work as a commanding person in the kitchen in absence of the executive chef.

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  • Assist the executive chef in preparing different dishes
  • Suggest and add unique recipes to the menu
  • Prepare ingredients for the recipes in a professional way
  • Ensure the quality and standard of the meals is maintained
  • Ensure the inventory is stocked on time
  • Manage kitchen operations on the basis of health and safety standards
  • Maintain a positive environment while working in the kitchen
  • Manage time efficiently


  • Degree in Culinary Arts or related field
  • Diploma in a relevant field will also be considered
  • Proven experience of working as a Sous Chef in reputable hotel
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Flexible in working hours. Should be ready to work in shifts
  • Proficient in various cooking procedures and recipes
  • Quick decision making and crisis management skills

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