Land-Based Recruitment

The strength of science linked with luxury environment expertise.

From Complex To Simple

Choosing efficiency will allow you to save time and money.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of hiring the wrong person represents at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings ( Forbes, 2016). Recruitment process is a complex journey. Decisions you will take based on a poor and weak recruitment process could impact drastically the development of your company whereas a recruitment well done could lead your business to expend.

Luxury Background

Over the years, complexity of recruiting for luxury oriented businesses has got intense and further challenging.

Due to serving various kind of customers, understanding several of their behaviors, needs and service expectations, Marinescence became a world leader in finding top profiles for the yachting industry. Thanks to our efficiency in our initial scope of expertise, we have now decided to extend our knowledge to land based recruitment.
As a matter of fact, we started doing so in order to respond to emerging needs of our existing customers.
These several opportunities turned out to be successful leading us to a land-based recruitment journey.


Our team is working hard to offer you the best recruitment process, giving you all the cards to turn the advantage of a recruitment process to your side.

Business oriented

Our purpose is to appreciate the technical and project constraints, by understanding the true business problem to be solved, helping the managers prioritize their requirements, collaborating with possible third parties to present more solutions, in order to minimize the impact on what could likely be accomplished.

The help of science

Knowing the complexity of a recruitment process, we are using the most valid process, scientifically oriented to ensure efficiency. Organized around psychometric tests enabling us to situate a candidate within a labor force panel. Our analyzing expertise will allow us to distinguish a candidate with another, based on similar competencies.

Human and Technology

We collect and manage all candidate's applications in our custom-made software. We share information with candidates throughout our platform, track applicant progress across our recruitment pipeline, shortlist suitable candidates, for a given position, with a smart filter dedicated to do so.


Our powerful technology publishes your job offer to 25+ job boards and several social media across the web, at the same time. It allows us to identify the best-fit candidates and notifies them to apply to the given job offer. We are talking here about Linkedin, Facebook and many more automated integrations.


We carry out a first round of personal interviews to identify potential suitable profiles. We help you move forward with a safer way to hold your final interviews, by offering you our expertise based on our in-depth thinking and experience.

Integration follow-up

A good recruitment doesn’t end once the new team member joins your forces. It requires a follow-up to ensure the integration of the new member goes on smoothly. Always willing to help, we will assist you in all potential important decisions.

Captain - Chris
Thank you for always finding the right solution to our need.

Thank you for having found the right candidate meeting our expectations.

What made us work with Marinescence is the team’s reactivity and professionalism.
All the agency members are always willing to help and they understood pretty well the situation we were facing.

Captain (France)
Shipowner - Michel
A ‘killer app’ for shipowners

Marinescence platform is a real added value for shipowners looking for focused and valuable crew members. They helped us build a crew with a higher professionalism level and remains number one in our Human Ressources contact thanks to their efficiency.

Shipowner (Monaco)

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