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Crew Employment & Payroll

As a service offered to vessels of all types, all over the oceans.

Human ressources & manning

For ship owners, managers, operators or charterers under a crew management agreement

Having a vast knowledge about flag requirements and expertise in yachting industry, we will be happy to assist you in all the crew management procedures: from administrative formalities involved in recruitment to the management of employment contracts and pay slips, from conflict resolution to the supervision of your employees’ social benefits, you can now outsource to experts.

Experience matters

With a team made up of recruitment experts, former ship captains and legal & administrative specialists, Chess & M brings cross-functional added value to your business, enabling you to concentrate on your core activity.

Global services

Our team is working hard to offer you the best recruitment process, giving you all the cards to turn the advantage of a recruitment process to your side.

Seafarer employment agreement

Comprehensive contracts tailored to maritime employment needs, ensuring legal compliance and crew satisfaction for smooth operations.

Marine deployment

Expertly coordinate crew assignments worldwide, optimizing efficiency and competence on vessels of all types across the oceans.


Precision scheduling and rotation planning for seamless crew transitions and operational continuity, keeping vessels fully staffed at all times.

Training & development

Nurturing maritime talent with tailored programs, enhancing skills, safety, and career growth for seafarers in the yachting industry.

Payroll & Pay slips

Accurate and timely payroll services, including detailed pay slips, ensuring transparent financial transactions for both ship owners and crew.

Travel arrangement

Streamlined travel logistics for crew members, facilitating hassle-free mobility to and from vessels, optimizing operational readiness.

Insurance & health schemes

Customized insurance and healthcare solutions, safeguarding the well-being of crew members and providing peace of mind for ship owners.

Medical claims arrangements

Efficient management of medical claims, ensuring prompt reactivity and top-notch medical care for seafarers.

Social security treatment

Expert guidance on social security matters, ensuring compliance with international regulations and addressing crew members' needs.

Termination procedure

Smooth and lawful termination processes, protecting the interests of both ship owners and crew members in the yachting industry.

Legal advice on social matters

Informed legal counsel on social and labor issues, helping clients navigate complex maritime regulations with confidence.

Acting as agent or direct employer

Adaptable solutions, offering the choice between agency representation and direct employment to accommodate diverse workforce preferences.

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