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Save money on international transfers

Many of you will be receiving your salary in euros or dollars but this may not be your local currency. In order for you to get the most out of your money when transferring back home we have partnered with the exchange experts, Moneycorp to provide you with the best solution for your money transfers.

Moneycorp, the UK's leading foreign exchange specialist for over 35 years will help you save money when you need to make international transfers, regardless of the size or regularity of your transactions.

Why use Moneycorp instead of your bank ?

  • Better exchange rates – typical savings of over €350 on a transfer of €10,000 into sterling.*
  • Low transfer fees – as little as £5
  • Free expert guidance on currency markets – trade at the right time; make your money go further.
  • Fast online money transfers 24/7 – make overseas payments at your convenience.
  • Safeguarded customer funds – Moneycorp is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services.

How it works

Save more with Moneycorp by picking a service that's a perfect fit for your transfer needs. Make a transfer now, start a regular payment plan or organise your transfers for a later date. Whatever method you choose, you'll get great rates.

The process is easy and simple to use, you can make a transfer in 5 easy steps.

how it works

Example scenario

Robert is a deckhand on a charter sailing yacht and receives his monthly salary in euros into his French bank account. He wishes to send part of his salary back to his home country of New Zealand. Doing this directly through his French bank is awkward as they don’t speak French, cannot give information on what the exchange rate will be at the time of the transfer, and offer no transparency on the international transfer fee. Robert instead contacts Moneycorp, who are able to guarantee him a fixed exchange rate, typically 2% better than the banks, and will send his money to New Zealand within 24 hours for a maximum fee of £15 (lowest fee of £5 if transferring money online).

How do I start?

The facility is free to set up and there is no obligation to use the service. Our quick and simple online registration process means you can transfer your money within minutes.

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