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working on boats


A private individual or company running a private or commercial vessel. He fits out a yacht, meaning that he supplies all material, equipment and pays all relevant expenses to run the ship properly.


Master on board, responsible for the ships activities. He is in charge of navigation, accounting, legal and regulatory compliance, crew hiring and dismissal, personnel management, safety for passengers, crew environment and vessel.


He directly assists the captain in administrative and safety duties, * Manages deck crew and maintains crew discipline, arranges regular safety drills, sets watch schedules, equipment, stowage of yacht for sea, education and licensing of the crew. Must have a sufficient diploma to stand in for the captain in case of emergency.


  • Either on deck: officer in charge of navigation watches, commercial operations at dock, helping the first officer with administrative and safety duties, stowing of yacht for sea.
  • Or in the engine room: Engineering officer: assisting the chief engineer.
  • Or both


Key position between the crew and the officers. Manages the deck crew. Responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the vessel, in charge of water sports.


Maintaining and cleaning the ship, manoeuvers.


In charge of maintenance of installations and equipment on board. He must make sure that everything is available for use, is responsible for safety in the engine room, failure detection, inventory, and fixing equipment.


Assists the chief engineer.


Electro technician officer. In charge of maintenance and smooth running of all electrical device, IT, audiovisual, and communication equipment.


Officer in charge of the ship’s accounts, the administrative tasks, provisioning, all interior operations, inventories, planning of customers activities.


Manages the interior crew. In charge of the stewardess planning, responsible for maintenance of the interior, inventories, accounts. Makes the link between the customers and the stewardesses, the kitchen and the service department. Can also help for maneuvers.


In charge of housekeeping, service, dinnerware, drinks stocking, laundry. Can help on deck. Helps the Chief Stew to manage the stewardesses.


In charge of service, housekeeping and the interior of the ship.


In charge of provisioning for food, cooking meals for guests and crew, stowage and hygiene, accounts and inventory in the kitchen. Manages all Kitchen Crew.

Double function positions are often found on boats.

  • Cook/steward(ess), cumulating the position of stew and chef,
  • Deck/engineer, cumulating tasks on deck and in the engine room,
  • Stew/deck, cumulating interior and deck duties,
  • Stew/masseuse, cumulating stew position and skilled for massaging the customers on demand.

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