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yacht crew agency If you are seeking work in the yachting industry for the first time, certain courses are essential and others are highly desirable in the eyes of potential employers.


You will find it difficult to obtain a job in yachting unless you have attended these courses. They contain essential safety information for anyone going to sea for the first time.

  • Stcw95 crew basic training

    Basic training takes place over 5 days and comprises 4 courses. These are: Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques and Elementary First Aid. If you are hoping to go on to gain MCA Certificates or Competency, such as are described later in this booklet, you should be aware that the MCA expect that your STWC 4 element basic training takes place over minimum of 5 days tuition. Some centers offer training over a shorter time period. Such courses would not be recognized by the MCA.
  • RYA boat driving certification

    Under UK law most people do not require a license to operate a boat of less than 80 GT. Most other countries, however, have a much lower limit than this. In France, for instance, permits are required over 6 Kw of engine power. The RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level II) is recognized by most European administrations for the operation of small craft like yacht tenders under 10m.

    Any yacht tenders outside the immediate vicinity of the mother ship would be well-advised to have qualified tender drivers. Obtaining this certificate at an early stage could make your CV stand out and enhance your job prospects. The course takes place over 2 days and has theoretical and practical boat handling elements.
  • RYA personal watercraft certificates (jet skis & wave riders)

    The Royal Yachting Association is currently the only maritime certification body to issue a Certificate of Competency specifically for these types of craft.

    Although potentially very dangerous in careless hands, personal watercraft are very popular 'toys' on superyachts. Having an RYA het ski license could set apart from other candidates for a job, whichever department of the yacht you are hoping to work in.


For new stewards and stewardesses, we have 4 entry level courses designed to help you be more effective more quickly in your new job.

  • Interior introduction course

    If you have never worked on a yacht before and you wish to enter the interior department, then this course is for you. You will be given a thorough introduction to all duties that you will be called upon to perform.

    The interior of a yacht is filled with very expensive fine ceramics, wood surfaces, fabrics, high metal surfaces, precious objects. Having your specialist knowledge in caring for fine products could be invaluable.

  • Interior basic food service course

    This 1-day course particularly appropriate for small yacht crew or junior crew on a larger yacht.

    In 1-day, we can only give a broad introduction to this important subject. The course is designed to give you enough knowledge to be a useful member of a serving team on a large yacht and for small yacht crew to be able to provide a good level o basic service.
  • Galley foundation course

    This 5-day course assumes no particular prior knowledge but will train you to function effectively in the very-tight confines of a yacht galley (kitchen). The course is taught in a new training galley includes a lot of practical cooking to enable you to master the standard cooking skills from which you can build.

    The course is ideal for anyone seeking work as a small yacht 'stew/chef', a larger yacht crew cook or sous chef. Whilst our 'Seasoned Chef' course is aimed at trained chefs, it is predominantly theoretical and so those qualified cooks wishing to acclimatize themselves to a marine galley may also benefit from the course.
  • The wine & cocktail introduction course

    The Wine & Cocktail foundation Certificate is an entry-level qualification providing a straightforward introduction to wine & cocktails. The aim is to provide basic product knowledge, skills in serving wine and cocktails.

    It is ideal for inexperienced crew who wish to advance their knowledge in this fascinating and important area. The course lasts 1-day and includes sampling a wide selection on international quality wines. It also includes basic bar work and how to prepare and present common cocktails.
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