LY 1

March 26, 2018in Lexicon

LY1: Code of Practice for the Safety of Large Commercial Sailing and Motor Vessels.

Created in 1998 to answer the requirements of the SOLAS convention.
This code applies to commercial ships above 24 meters. Standards for safety and pollution prevention depend on size and ship use.
The new code LY2, the large commercial yacht code was implemented September 24th 2004, available under MSN 1792 decree. The code was revised according to new technologies and practice changes. There are two main revisions: the introduction of a new category “short range yacht” (<300 GT for new built yachts and <500 GT for other yachts, sailing up to 60 miles offshore, 90 miles according to route and with good weather conditions (max wind force 4). This category was created for ships which could not or did not have the need to reach the “unlimited” criterion.

From the time of LY1, there was no upper size limit. However, the limit above 3000GT exists for deck officer qualifications. The ships above3000GT should therefore follow the IMO regulation. From now on, the limit is 3000 GT; existing ships above 3000 operating under this regulation should keep on doing so.