International Safety Management

March 26, 2018in Lexicon

International Safety Management Code (ISM)

Under the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a ship management system embracing quality control in the areas of safety and pollution prevention. It is a formal, 13 point system that is applicable to any vessel, from a 2-man tug, to a yacht; to a 2,000 passenger cruise ship, and its management structure.

The requirements create an onboard and shore side Safety Management System (SMS) under which each vessel operates. We create an SMS that is organized into manuals which are bound and include operational guidelines designed to guarantee compliance with the 13 points of the ISM Code requirements.

The 13 ISM points are:

Company objectives, safety statement
Safety and environmental protection policy
Company responsibilities and authority
Designated person(s)
Master’s responsibilities and authority
Resources and personnel
Development of plans for ship operations
Emergency preparedness
Reports, nonconformities, accidents, and hazardous occurrences
Maintenance of ship and equipment
Company verification, review and evaluation
Certification, verification, and control

International Safety Management Code