Introducing Gourmet Deliveries

Supplying Yachts with Food & Beverages

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Sourcing everything,
Delivering everywhere.

How far away are the times when yacht chefs didn’t know where to get supplies. With Gourmet Deliveries, help your kitchen focus on cooking with a food and beverage delivery service, wherever you are anchoring in the world. Alba truffles, caviar, vegetables, meat, fish, wine, Gourmet Deliveries offers the widest and most exclusive catalogue in the world, as well as a never-ending reactivity.

Place orders 24/7

The good thing about family businesses is that they pick up the phone 7 days a week. With 30 years of experience, Gourmet Deliveries has a team of over 50 people dedicated to supplying and servicing your yacht. Even when your chef is faced with a last minute order.

Bianca Liard
Sales Director
+33 777 005 461

Talk to Bianca

You need a dedicated contact. Someone who knows you, your yacht and your habits. Being one of the family members and dealing with yachts since the youngest age, Bianca is the Sales Director of Gourmet Deliveries: she will listen to your needs and connect you with your dedicated account manager.

Fancy free sample products?

Gourmet Deliveries offers you a sample basket to help you understand the diversity of its catalog and the quality of its service. Leave us your contact information and a sales representative will contact you.