Give a Christmas to all the children

December 1, 2018in Marinescence's News

This year, Marinescence decides to give a Christmas to all the children !

As of November 27th, till December 15th, our crew agency is organizing, in partnership with a local association, «Restos du Coeur», based in Antibes, a toy drive in order to make sure that every child will have a Christmas.

This is the very first year Marinescence decides to join this cause.

We are aiming to the happiness and the delight of children and it is a real pleasure to do this toy drive in order to share Christmas with every one and to allow every child to have one.

Let’s be even more numerous to allow children experience the magic of Christmas !

To this end, we invite you to come over in our agency in Vallauris and drop one or more presents of your choice. Please bring over full set of toys and in perfect state.

All the toys will be handed to the association on December 15th, who will take care of distributing them for Christmas on December 19th, 2018.

We thank you in advance for your help and generosity.

You can come over and drop your presents directly in our office Place Lisnard, 13 Rue des Grands Horts, 06220 Vallauris.