Sailing around the Seychelles' Inner Islands oofers miles of scenic coastline with safe anchorage and over 65 beaches on Mahe alone as well as many secret coves and grottoes.


In Hawaii, the air is balmy and year round trade winds prove wonderful yachting conditions. You may see green sea turtles lazing lazing in the sun, dolphins jumping the bow, whales (winter only) spouting off to starboard and the stunning shine of Venus at sunset.


Next to the Bahamas and just in front of Cuba you will find the Turks & Caicos islands. Within an incomparable setting, around a lagoon of rare beauty, you will be diving into paradise. This place is made for the one's looking for an exotic yachting journey.


Turkish riviera is well know for its history background and for having more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, a mild Mediterranean climate, long beaches between rocky bottoms. What's better than a yacht to get what Turkey has to offer?


Thailand's specificity includes plethora of breath taking islands, hidden beaches allowing you to chill in a paradise, and cosmopolite cities full of life and energy. Far from a cliché Thailand is a gem that can only be beautified by a yacht.


First word that comes to your mind when thinking of Norway is definitely not yachting. That's why it's the best place for a yachting journey. Feel the true nature of freedom exploring the rich culture around the Fjord of Oslo or the glaciers of Sognefjord.


Greenland allows you to live a unique experience far from everything you will ever expect, providing you astonishing panorama. Moreover, you will never go closer from those natural untouched panoramas such as glacier, ice crusts and icebergs than from the bow of your yacht.


Volcanic eruptions, Glaciers finding their ways in the green fields, marvelous waterfalls and Geysers are those natural wonders that will leave you breath taking while cruising around Iceland waters.


Some getaway destination allow you the adrenaline of an adventurous journey with surprising diving spots and unusual marine life while some others leave you with experienced vibrant cultures and amazing variety of life scenery. Indonesia combines both types of destination giving you a breath taking experience.


Dotting the idyllic waters of the Mediterranean, the Greek islands have been praised by poets, artists and mystics for millennia. This paradise that forms the heart of civilization is an ideal destination for holidays in luxury yachts.


Italy is truly a fabulous cruise destination. The Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands are famous for their astonishing panoramas, fascinating history, culture and of course their world famous cuisine.

Yachts of all sizes

Thanks to yacht crew recruitment, Marinescence reviews hundreds of vessels every year and maintains personal relationships with hundreds of owners. It allows our company to offer a large range of yachts for sale & charter, while its experience helps to close deals easily and discreetly.

Anywhere in the world

During the Summer, the Mediterranean is clearly the world’s favorite yachting playground. In the winter, sailors tend to disperse to tropical paradises such as the Caribbean’s or Polynesia. Some all-year-round boat charter destinations include the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Brazil. Basically, whether you want to explore yachting close or far from home, Marinescence will assist you in the 4 corners of the world.

Anytime during the year

With the rise of new destinations such as Norwegian fjords and even northern waters, yachting is now accessible 12 months a year. Marinescence will be happy to assist you in your next trip, you are either willing to explore the most iconic tropical islands or the coldest areas of the globe, from January until December.

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