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The technological tools (ATS, CRM) that Marinescence has acquired enable the constant interaction of the sales team with the database, ensuring real-time updates and possible product placement.

40.000 people, limitless opportunities

Marinescence interacts on a daily basis with a database of more than 40.000 yachting professionals. All of them are registered on Marinescence’s system. Collected data for each user: ID, geolocation, contact information (phone, email address), revenues and many more insights.

Turnkey advertising supports

Marinescence joins forces with advertisers looking for global cross-channel actions, and creativity at the same time. In respect of online campaigns, Marinescence creates stylish editorial content which is rampant on within its CMS. Throughout strategic partnerships with advertisers, Marinescence creates this content. If they wish, they could also equally contribute to the content production thanks to their expertise or insights.

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Protect your image

In order to preserve your high-end image and in a same time avoid advertising pollution from some network, Marinescence is offering its advertising services only to companies willing to set up a premium and longterm collaboration organized around cross-channel actions.

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Nicolas Pélisson
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Pierre Souriau
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