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October 27, 2022in Marinescence's News

For ship owners, managers, operators or characters under a crew management agreement.

Experience matters

CHESS & M, benefiting from its vast knowledge on flag requirements and specificities, monitors crew employment, welfare and their overall career development through a software created specifically to enable the collection and analysis of specific data, in accordance with each vessel ecosystem

Global services

  • Acting as Agent or as direct employer
  • Seafarer employment agreement
  • Deployment to vessel
  • Scheduling
  • Training and development
  • Payroll and Pay slips
  • Travel arrangements
  • Insurances and Health schemes
  • Medical claims management
  • Social security treatment
  • Termination procedure
  • Legal advice on social matters

Technology helps

Conscious of the stakes of today and tomorrow, Chess & M benefits from customized technological resources that allow to automate many monitoring actions in its crew management services. These digital tools have a positive impact on the quality of services offered to customers.

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