Covid-19 Statement

March 18, 2020in Marinescence's News

Information about yacht crew recruitment and advices to foreigners actually based in France.

Dear Yachting Community,

Further to the sanitary crisis involving the Coronavirus, several governments and especially French government have now all been taking and implementing preventive but necessary measures to protect one another’s health. Marinescence is trying its best to give you a general overview of the situation.

First of all, we all take the great measure of the sanitary crisis and the fact that it has spread out. We would like to explain that the government is now implementing restrictions in order to reduce the level of contamination. None of these measures are put into place to spread out panic behaviors.

Of course, our way of living is impacted as much as all the industries, including ours.

Some candidates have been calling us in order to find out what the actual situation is towards job openings and further towards the interviews that were held. Obviously, everything is slowed down right now.

We actually have noticed that most of the candidates getting in touch with us are not only based in France but, you are actually based everywhere throughout Europe asking for a piece of advice.

From an employment point of view, Marinescence can ensure you that:

We are in contact with each of our clients in order to find out and ensure you whether or not they still are recruiting. Second of all, we have recommended to each of our clients to hold only Skype interviews for now.

As of yesterday, all face to face interviews have been cancelled in compliance with the government’s measures.

Please be informed that Marinescence’ premises have been closed since Monday 17th, 2020. However, all our team remains available, as per usual, either by email or by phone following the usual openings such as Mondays to Fridays from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. All the offers on our website are still accurate.

Indeed, we do not have the cristal ball but we believe that the season will kick off at some stage, specially once all this is over. Our best advice for now would be that you make sure that your profile is created on our website

Second of all, make sure that we have all the complete and exact information. While staying safe at home, this is actually the perfect moment to finish completing or updating your profile in order to be standing on your back foot once everything goes back to normal. At that stage, one another will want and need a job. Be ready for it!

Regarding candidates who wish to go back home via repatriation or those who should stay in France, I will answer to the three most recurrent questions you have been asking us over the last days.

1. I feel sick, what should I do?

Stay at home, avoid contact with others, please call a doctor before you go to see them. Your doctor will be able to determine either your need or not to be examined.
If symptoms get worse, with breathing difficulties or signs of suffocation, call the area health assistance number, dial 15 or call or send a text to 114 if you have a speech or hearing impairment.
Please bear in mind that these two numbers are more emergencies cases.
Our first recommendation if you are feeling any symptom is to CALL YOUR EMBASSY.

2. I want to go back home, how do I proceed?

Again, call you embassy.
Depending on your nationality, you might be repatriated.

3. I am staying in France, what are the rules?

It is very important that you stick to official information only.

The only source of information in English you should check is here.

Here comes a summary of the most important facts:

  • Travel from home to work only if working at home is not possible;
  • Shop for basic necessities in authorized local shops;
  • Visit health professionals;
  • Travel for childcare and to help vulnerable people – but only while strictly respecting advice on barrier measures;
  • Take exercise, individually, close to home and with no gathering of people.

Any violation of these rules will be penalized.

Also, the French population was informed that anyone leaving home should be holding a self edited letter mentioning your identity, your address and the reason why you are leaving home.

You can download a template letter here.

Dear yacht crew, dear foreigners, when I was younger I have been myself spending time abroad. I know the worries that arise from being away from home.
Marinescence is here for you.
If you are facing important difficulties, CALL US. All our team members are fluent in English, and fully dedicated to helping people in need in the following days, weeks.

You can reach us on this number +33 492 902 464

We wish everybody the best of luck and courage during this hard time.

Stay at home. Eat healthy. Exercise. Read.
Call your closest ones, make sure they are ok.
Show solidarity.

We are in this together.

Kind regards,


Nicolas Pélisson
Marinescence CEO & Founder