April 16, 2020in Job Descriptions

Job Overview

We are looking for a skilled and devoted chef to join our team. Your role comprises of adding new recipes to the menu and provide different variety of cuisines. As a cook , you will be responsible to manage the pantry and train the junior staff and ensure that all the meals are well prepared under proper hygiene conditions.

If you love cooking and have an amazing taste in various cuisines, we would like to meet you!


  • Keep workstations and the cooking space clean
  • Train the junior staff accordingly
  • Add new and delicious recipes to the menu
  • Ensure all the ingredients are fresh and timely available
  • Maintain the quality and standard of the meals
  • Prepare the ingredients before starting the meal like chopping and cutting vegetables etc.
  • Make sure the presentation of the dish being served is good
  • Store the ingredients in a proper hygienic way
  • Ensure the utensils and cutlery is properly sanitized before use
  • Prepare the dishes according to customer’s requirement


  • Degree from a culinary school will be prefered. Candidates having diploma can also be considered
  • Proven 5 years of experience working as a cook in a reputable restaurant
  • Extensive knowledge of grills and other cooking procedures
  • Proficient in cutting and chopping
  • Neat and clean personality

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