Chose the right picture for your resume !

July 3, 2018in Marinescence's News

Chose the right picture for your resume !

Your picture is the first thing employers will notice.

Here is some advice

> Remember that you are in an recruitment context, avoid beach or party pictures. This does not mean that your photo will have to be too strict either.

> Use a neutral background. It is you we want to see, not the surroundings.

> Choose plain cloths, wich stand out from the background and your skin and hair colour.

> Prefere classical traditional framing (head shoulders and portrait orientation, avoid landscape orientation)

You may well be shy or modest but still : SMILE !

What matters most is that you look happy and natural !

If you need your picture taken by a professional, please contact Loïc BISOLI at +33 661 976 465 or !

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