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A private individual or company running a private or commercial vessel. He fits out a yacht, meaning that he supplies all material, equipment and pays all relevant expenses to run the ship properly.


Master on board, responsible for all operations. In charge of navigation, accounting, legal and regulatory compliance, crew management, safety for passengers, crew environment and vessel.

First officer

Assists the captain in administrative and safety duties, but also in crew management (schedules, discipline). Must have a sufficient diploma to stand in for the captain in case of emergency.


Either on deck in charge of navigation watches, commercial operations at dock (mainly helping the first officer) or in the engine room assisting the chief engineer. Or both.


Key position between the crew and the officers. Manages the deck crew. Responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the vessel, in charge of use and maintenance of toys and tenders.


The entry level for almost all professional crew jobs, encompassing many responsibilities but most importantly maintaining the exterior of the yacht and keeping it in pristine condition at all times.

Chief Engineer

In charge of maintenance of installations and equipment on board. Making sure everything is available for use, responsible for safety in the engine room, failure detection and inventory.

Second Engineer

Assists the chief engineer in updating documentation, engine room management, engine room and ship safety, pollution prevention, emergency procedures and machinery maintenance.


The Electro-Technical Officer is in charge of all the electrical systems on the ship: maintenance and smooth running of electrical devices, IT systems, audiovisual and communication equipment.


A purser is a senior crew member who manages several areas, ranging from administrative tasks and financial matters, to interior management, inventories and provisioning.

Chief Steward(ess)

In charge of interior crew: plannings, maintenance, inventories, accounts, service, kitchen, intermediation between customers and stewardesses. Can also help with maneuvers.

Second Steward(ess)

Enthusiastically supports the chief stewardess in all interior duties and interacting with guests, providing excellent service in every aspect of their on-board experience.


Maintains the cleanliness of the ship’s interior and services guests. Responsibilities include daily cleaning, including guest and common areas, serving meals, doing laundry.


In charge of provisioning for food, cooking meals for guests and crew, stowage and hygiene, accounts and inventory in the kitchen. Manages all kitchen crew.

Double function positions

Cook/stew, cumulating the position of stew and chef ; Deck/engineer, cumulating tasks on deck and in the engine room ; Stew/deck, cumulating interior and deck duties.

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