It all starts with a great resume

It is the key actor in your success

A professional resume isn't an option anymore

Your resume is your first contact with a recruiter.

It is the stepping stone to a career that may dictate how your life shifts from that point on. This being said, Marinescence helps candidates to significantly improve their chances of success thanks to a dedicated designer specialized in CV creation.

Starting from 200€

You have nothing to do.

After gathering all necessary content directly from your Marinescence profile, we will reformat the information and design a layout that improves the overall readability while giving it an updated look and feel. The finished product can be described as professional and modern.

Emily will take care of you

Trust in a professional to align your CV with the yachting standards.

  • Create an account on and complete your profile. It is required to create your CV.
  • Get in touch with Emily, she is fluent in English, French and Spanish.
  • Receive a professional resume in PDF format within 5 working days.
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