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October 24, 2019in Search Partners

Our partner has established excellent relationships with all the ports in the French Riviera We are confident about being your first choice to assist you with this incredibly important aspect of yachting in the South of France.

It is best to make requests as early as possible, but we understand yachting’s last-minute requests and changes, and these are all part of our dedicated service.

Please contact us for our terms and conditions, with special rates available for multiple bookings. You can ask us to book a berth in any port in the world. We are in privileged contact with many ports in France, Sardaigna, Corsica, Italia… Just contact us and we will find the perfect place for your boat.

We can also help you in the making of all the administrative work related to the berth booking as immigration formalities. Winter berthing booking can be a long and drawn out affair, involving a myriad of paper work. We are experienced in doing these applications.

Through every step of the process we ensure you have the best chance of securing the berth in your port of preference. These applications open early in the season, so please contact us as early as possible if you are interested in securing a winter berth. We will also be able to provide a monthly quote for the berth booking at your disposal.

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