Yachting certificates :
Country : FRANCE
Assignment start : 2018-06-18
Posted on : 2018-06-11
Reply deadline : 2018-06-30

The project : A villa of 1000 m2 located in Cannes is looking for a Housekeeper ready to start working as soon as possible. This is a permanent position. The owners are english and american. The contract is declared.

Desired profile : The ideal candidate will need to have a driving licence and a car. You will need to speak fluently English and French. You will be entitled to sleep in the villa, food will not be provided though, you will be living in your own dependency which is an apartment of 50 m2, it is a two- room apartment, beside the Villa. You will have a space to park you car of course. You will be charge of taking care of the house by checking that everything is alright when the security guards are not there, you will have to do the cleaning in the villa, do the groceries and prepare the breakfasts when the owners and family are in the house. The owners are in the house between 6 to 8 months per year. While the owners are not in the house, you will be working from Mondays to Fridays. When the owners are in the Villa, you will be working 6 days per week, with one day off each week. Salary : 2000 euros per month, declared french contract

Education level :
Level of experience :
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