AB assistant of the OOW

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Yachting certificates :
Country : GERMANY
Region :
Season :
Assignment start : 2016-12-06
Posted on : 2016-12-06
Reply deadline : 2017-01-23

The project : A 100m+ sailing yacht currently in Netherlands during its building is looking for a deckhand with an AB ticket to assist the OOW, he will perform two watches of 4 hours per day and 2 hours of Deck duties for a total of 10 hours of work per day unless Ship’s operation requires more. He reports to his OOW when on watch and to the Bosun and to the Chief Mate the rest of the time. Abs must have experience on board various ships commercial and yachts if possible, they must be trained helmsmen, be familiar with craning operation, security duties, bridge lookout, fire investigation and emergency awareness in general as the Abs are the first assessment party in case of emergency. The rest of the time the Abs will assist the Bosun with all cleaning and maintenance duties on deck.

Desired profile : Required competences: Line handling, anchor handling and mooring platform experience to assist the Bosun. Driving tenders/toys and maintaining/stowing the equipment in a proper, safe manner. Security duties such as gangway watch monitoring entrances Emergency awareness to be part of the assessment party MINIMUM QUALIFICATION Basic Safety Training STCW VI/1 (1) to (4) Security awareness training STCW VI/6 (4) and (6) Deck ratings with watch duties STCW II/5 Proficiency in Survival craft CONDITIONS DURING BUILD PERIOD 2800 Euro entry salary, negotiable based on experience yearly salary review and pay raise based on appraisal 5 work days per week (otherwise compensation) 2.5 working days paid vacation per month health and accident insurance shared shore accommodation shared transport (rental car) food allowance whilst on site (28 Euro per day) working clothes and PPE as applicable travel to the yard and repatriation at the end of employment CONDITIONS FOR OPERATION IN SERVICE 3/1 rotation or leave ratio 0.33 (i.e. earning 1/3 day of paid vacation per day worked) health and accident insurance uniforms and PPE as applicable accommodation in twin cabin 2 return flights for vacation at home country repatriation at the end of employment

Education level :
Level of experience :
Salary : 2800 Euros
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